September 3-5, 2024
United States
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Key Details Dates: September 3-5, 2024 Venue: Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, United States
About FLYING HY 2024

HYSKY Society is co-locating with Commercial UAV Expo to bring hydrogen aviation education and technology to the world’s leading commercial UAV event. 

The co-location will include the FLYING HY Conference and the Hydrogen Aviation Course.

What is the FLYING HY Conference and Hydrogen Aviation Course?

The FLYING HY Conference features two days of hydrogen education sessions. The Hydrogen Aviation Course is an all-day course taking place the day before the FLYING HY Conference. These events bring together all pieces of the hydrogen aviation ecosystem: hydrogen production, hydrogen logistics, hydrogen infrastructure, hydrogen fuel cells, and engines, and, of course, hydrogen aircraft.

Why attend?

This conference offers valuable insights for everyone, whether you’re new to hydrogen aviation or an experienced professional. Explore topics ranging from procuring hydrogen and flying with it to building a successful business and ensuring safety. Discover strategies for leveraging tax credits and positioning your business as a frontrunner in the burgeoning hydrogen market. From novices to experts, there’s something here for everyone looking to thrive in this dynamic industry. 

Who should attend?

  • Hydrogen producers
  • eVTOL companies
  • Drone/UAV companies
  • Hydrogen transporters 
  • Energy companies interested in aviation

“Co-locating FLYING HY 2024 with the Commercial UAV Expo is huge for HYSKY. It’s not every day a small startup nonprofit gets to share our passion for hydrogen aviation with 4000 people! We’re beyond thankful for the Commercial UAV Expo’s support—it’s exactly the boost that hydrogen aviation needs to spread the word about this magical little molecule and get everyone as excited about clean skies as we are.”

– Danielle McLean, CEO and Founder, HYSKY Society.

Hydrogen Aviation Course – what’s included?

  • Hydrogen Aviation Course
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Outdoor Flying Demonstrations
  • Pilot Training
  • Exhibitor Showcase
  • Tuesday Lunch
  • Networking Receptions

Flying Hy Conference – what’s included?

  • FLYING HY Conference
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Keynotes
  • Outdoor Flying Demonstrations
  • Select Workshops
  • Pilot Training
  • Exhibitor Showcase
  • Breakfast & Lunch (Wed & Thurs)
  • Networking Receptions
More Information and Registration

To learn more about FLYING HY 2024, to register to attend or exhibit, please click below.

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